About me
Hello, welcome to my web site.  Dogs have always been my passion since I was a child.  I started with my dads hunting dogs and my love grew from there.

I have owned Bullmastiffs since 1986 and bred my first litter in 1990.  The bostons have come along in the past few years with our first one being purchased as a pet for our grandson.  After that we added one to our home and from there I fell completely in love with the breed.  All of our dogs share our home and our beds.

My kennel name comes from the combination of my husbands first name and my first name.  "Mel"inda and "Kev"an = Melkev's.  Without my husband I would have never achieved all I have as a breeder.

Showing and breeding Bullmastiffs (and now Boston's), is my hobby, and one I am very serious about. I love showing.  I have owner/handled all of my dogs to their AKC championships.   I consider myself a preservation breeder, as my goal is to maintain the integrity of each breed as the standard states.

I love the breeds and my goal is to leave them better than I found them.  I only breed when I need something to keep for myself to continue showing/breeding never to produce puppies just to fill orders.  This usually means one, possibly two litters a year.  Of course there are always more pups in a litter than I can keep so good homes have to be found.  Are you the right home for one of my babies?  Once you own one of my kids you are "family".

I am here to help in anyway I can if you have any Bullmastiff/ Boston Terrier related questions.
Thanks for visiting!